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Ragnar team is working .. stay tuned

Low cost and generally customized lightweight exploration Robot Platfomr capable to handle high diversity and process variables for modern micro manufacturing, experimentation and exploration

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The Ragnar Robot is an Open Platform for the World of robotics


We empower you to access your own design of the Ragnar Robot to fit your needs. You can


The State of the art Parallel Kinematic Robots inherits costly manufacturing, which we have innovated in terms of design, processing and materials, that have enabled us to reduce the cost radically for the equivalent working capability of the Robot. And we have lowered the entrance barrier to give access to Makers, Researchers, Educators and micro-manufacturers so the powerful Ragnar Robot meets your budget, and allows you the Explore and grow your business


The modular architecture of the unique Mechatronics  of the Ragnar Robot Explore extends to add-on’s like gripper systems and Vision Sensors. But not at least the Open Control that already supports widely used 3D printing open control and API, and we proudly announce that also the defacto  open Robotics control ROS-I is supported – wee more We also have included the support of Robotics Simulation in terms of the popular v-rep simulation tool by


Danes have a legacy to cherish from the time when the Vikings ruled the world from Africa to North America. It was time for tough men but also for men seeking knowledge and could be defining as innovative. Our whole society is built on the same basic principles as the Vikings founded. And who can find their way across the Atlantic without inventing a kind of compass. Blue Workforce is just like the Vikings going to show the way through newfound technology land. We collect new data and combine them into new innovative solutions. Like The Vikings, we give our new products (babies) names that gives you the exact description of what we are offering our customers. Hugin was one of the ravens who brought news from the world to The Viking God Odin. Hugin means “having in mind” which is just what our 3D camera’s does when they work.

Ragnar was a legendary ruler and hero from the Viking age. He is described in old Viking poetry and several sagas. This name drags the attention just for the fact that the new invented Ragnar Robot will be dominating the robotic world in the future. Kraka was Ragnar’s wife and a very wise one. She solved the riddle just like our Kraka Platform for automatic handling and packaging does. The riddle we have solved gives our costumer a platform that among other thing are fast, flexible and easy to access and manage. We hope you will find just what you need from BlueWorkforce.

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